Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Social Life of Filipinos

Modern world or which is also called Computer world  is what we are encountering today.  Filipinos as a part of this computer world are also fully influenced by the computer that which is now part of their daily life. Internet life is 24 hours in the Philippines and many Filipinos are often spending all their times in front of computer. Facebook addiction and other social sites are very popular to the Filipinos in finding partners and friends from different countries. It has advantage and disadvantage that unfortunately affect the way of their living. 

Sports in the Philippines

Filipinos are also athletics. They have their own sports to be physically fitted and healthy. The number one sport in the Philippines is basketball where every Barangays have their own competition which they called Liga ng Barangay or Barangay League. Every people are free to join and make their own teams. Other sports is volleyball and badminton. Some barangays have also some league for these kinds of sports that the same to basketball all the people are free to be involved. Other sport is boxing which Filipinos are known to be champions.

The Filipino's Mostly Needed

Philippines is a very nice country and Filipinos who live on it must to reach and accomplish their daily needs. Foods, Shelter,Clothes and Clean water and Air which serves as the basic needs must be given sufficiently to all the Filipinos to satisfy their living. After the basic needs is the development of knowledge which is "EDUCATION". Filipino children should go to school until they will be fully developed and learn many things that they can use in dealing with the world. Next to education is the "HEALTH ". To be able to deal with the world wellness among the people must be maintained as they will be exposed in different kinds of people and environment that their health with be exposed as well. Lastly, clean , relaxing and influential surrounding that can also help Filipino to be fully developed for a better future.

Major Problems in the Philippines

Philippines like other countries are facing various problems. Some of those problems are not easy to be solved and they are getting worse as years pass by. There are some major problems that Filipinos have now and some of them are Poverty, Corruption, Over population and Pollution.
Many Filipinos are suffering to poverty due to lack of sufficient foods and other basic needs. Many are jobless and homeless as well. One of the cause of this poverty is the other problem in the Philippines which is already like a cancer which is called , "CORRUPTION". When government will be greedy and selfish that they tend not to do their responsibilities, the Filipino will suffer to poverty. Not only government is responsible for the problems but also the people who don't make plans regarding a family that cause Over population which may worsen the poverty due to insufficient supplies of foods and other basic needs. Due to over population, pollution will be created as well when places are too crowded and people are not disciplined to throw their mess in their respective places.

Some Filipino Bad Habits

There are some bad habits that Filipinos have that can affect their way of living. One of them are being gossiper. Some Filipinos due to over curiosity in every little thing that becomes a bad habit when they exceed to their limit about being involve in other's life. This habit is often the cause of annoyance to other people. The second bad habit is borrowing money without returning or when they will return it will take many months or even years so when it has interest it will be sometimes impossible to be returned. This bad habit is the reason why good relationship ends up to hatred and anger. The third habit is throwing garbage everywhere that can cause pollution and worst flood because garbage blocks the drainage. When the typhoon will come many places will be flooded and many people will put the blame to the Government. 

Festival in the Philippines

Filipino Catholics have many festival in the Philippines which are based from their religious beliefs. Some of them are being followed for many years ago. Each towns has their own Saints Feast day and their own way of doing the festival for that Feast day or what they called Fiesta. During Feast day, every house are preparing foods where every people can go and eat for free. In Cebu city, Cebuanos have their Sinulog Festival. There is also the Festival for black Nazarene where many Filipinos are going to the Quiapo church in Manila as their tradition to join the processions. Filipinos have also Festival of Saint John the Baptist which is nation wide non working holiday and it serves as water festival because all the people are throwing water to other people like a baptismal. There is also some festival for those women who can't have baby which they called "Obando". 

Street Foods in The Philippines

When you will be in the Philippines, the first thing you will observe upon arriving in the street is the Habit of the Filipino which is eating in the street. People from the Philippines as way of survival, they are trying to look for affordable but tasty food that they can be eaten before and after works and schools. Those affordable foods that they usually eat are can be found in the streets which are called "Street Foods". There are many kinds of street foods such as "kwek - kwek ( boiled egg which was fried  with flour usually orange color , fish balls, kikiams, lumpia etc. The street foods are can be eaten with some drinks that you can also buy in the street which are usually called Sago, Gulaman , Buko Juice ( coconut juice ) and more. The street foods are very popular to the Filipinos that's why Government are trying to maintain the cleanliness of foods and personal hygiene of the vendor to avoid health problems and spread of diseases.

The Beauty of Filipina

As you observe many Filipino women are getting married with a man from other country. Many people are asking what Filipino women have that make them fall in love very easy. Filipino women are known to be conservative, sweet, thoughtful, caring and loyal. 

 heir natural beauties is also the reason why many Foreigners are being attracted to Filipina. Unlike other countries,they are not yet liberated and they still have some limitations about their self. There are still part of the Philippines which is countryside where people are still following the traditional way of pleasing a women such as serenade and serving in the women's family. Even today is a new generation, many women are still fix to the traditional ways for them to be respected as a real women. Filipino women are also very known in the field of beuty contest. All the time Philippines are in the top 10 in any pageant such as Miss universe and Miss world.

Animals in the Philippines

There are many kinds of animals you can find in the Philippines. Carabao is the national animal of the Philippines which is being used by Filipino farmers to plow the rice field. Philippine Eagle is the national bird which is known as monkey eater. Tarsier, the kind of monkey which is now endangered specie and can only be found in Bohol.
There are also some snakes and vipers that can be found in the Philippines. Philippine cobra is a very venomous cobra than you can find in the Philippines. Philippines have also many kinds of fishes that some of them don't have name yet. The largest crocodile in captivity which named is "Lolong", a saltwater crocodile can be found in the Philippines.

Summer In the Philippines

Philippines is a tropical country which means that summer is a long period. During summer, Filipinos have their own way to deal with it. They are preparing different kinds of deserts such as halo- halo, ice cream, banana split, mais con yelo and more.
They tried to make many cold foods  that is really fit to the hot summer. In halo- halo, they mixed different kinds of fruits such as Ube, Banana, Beans, Coconut, Jack fruit and more together with Crashed ice and Evaporated milk. They made different flavors of ice cream from different kinds of fruits. They also made some ice candy with different flavor. Other people go to beaches and swimming pools during summer to relieve the hotness.

The Filipino Coconut

One of the best tree you can find in the Philippines is the coconut tree. For Filipinos, coconut is very useful that's why they called coconut as "Source of Life" because they use all the parts of coconut in different ways.  The leaves of coconut can be used as cleaning material such as broom as well as the shell of the coconut. The fruit of coconut is very nutritious.
People use virgin coconut oil as medicines. The coconut barks can be used for furniture and many things. The roots can be used as herbal medicine that can cure some diseases naturally. They use also coconut as source of cooking oil and ingredients. Coconut from the Philippines is now being exported that made the Philippines popular.

Capital of the Philippines

Philippines is made up of three big islands which are called, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Totally, it is made up of 7 107 islands. The capital of Philippines is Manila which can be found in Luzon. Manila is a very nice city where you can find different kinds of people. Many Filipinos from different parts of the Philippines go to manila to live, study and work there. Manila is also a free city where many people are friendly. There you can find the Rizal park ( Bagong Bayan ) where the Dr. Jose Rizal ( Philippine National Hero ) was killed during Spanish Colonial period. Compare to rural places, there are many job opportunities you can find in Manila all you need is patient and strong heart. You can encounter also different kinds of people, Good and Bad therefore you must to be careful who you're going to trust.

Filipinos are Popular

Filipinos are also popular in abroad as an artist , athletics and being loyal. The Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao became very popular in the field of boxing after he won in many fights againts Mexicans and Amercians. Other singers such as Lea Salonga, Charice Pempengco, Apl. de Ap, Arnel Pineda and more became also popular after they were discovered in abroad due to their talents. Simple Filipinos are also being known in their being loyal and honest after they return to the owner the things they found in the road or everywhere. Filipinos tried to help and save  other nationalities from danger  that made them also popular in the whole world. But the most important thing that made Filipinos popular is their being religious that they always work with God,

Philippine Scary Creature

People from the Philippines believe in different creatures that were known for many years ago. Some of those creatures are ""Kapre", a Scary Big Man who lives in the tree with a very big Tobacco. The other is "Manananggal ", looking like a vampire but the difference is this creature is only a woman that during 12 o'clock in the midnight her body will be divided into two and the upper part will fly and look for a pregnant woman. Some people also believe that Dwarfs and Witches exist. They believe in curse so wherever they go they bring something with them that can fight that curse. In some cities, people don't believe anymore in those creatures but those who are living in countryside believe in their existence that sometimes can affect the way of living there. They also believe in that some spirits are surrounding them.

Filipino in Abroad

Many Filipinos are working abroad to have a better life. They are choosing to leave the Philippines to give and provide every needs of their family. They are sending 80% to  90% of their salary to their family to make them happy. They resist every sadness and sacrifice just to make their family happy and satisfied. Filipinos sacrifice in abroad is a lot due to food, cultural and traditional differences. Despite of so many differences, Filipinos still go to abroad and choose to be alone for their family and for their hope that they can give a better future for their family. Some Filipinos are being successful but some of them are loosing their way depends upon their way of dealing in other country and different kinds of people. 

The Filipino Foods

Filipinos love to eat so they are their own way of preparing their own menu and dishes. The number one food of Filipinos is rice. They eat everything with rice together with what they called "ULAM". Filipinos use different kinds of vegetable and fruits for ingredients that other countries don't use. The traditional way of eating is using their hand only. They have also some street foods and some exotic foods that you can only find in the Philippines. Some fruits such as coconut, pineapple and tamarind are being used as ingredients in the Philippines. There are also some condiments such as Patis (Fish Sauce), Alamang and Toyo ( Soy Sauce)  that Filipino use to make foods. Filipinos like also to eat sea foods such as fish, crabs, squid, shrimp and oister. In the beach and some picnics they use banana leaves as their plate because they found it economical and and easy to take. It can also give you a very nice appetite when you will eat together with your family and friends in one Banana leaf,

Mentality of Filipinos

Like other people from other countries, Filipinos have their own mentality it can be Good or Bad. Filipinos have their own expression which is "Bahala Na ", which means leaving everything to the Destiny or even God's will. When they are not so sure about the situation they are facing they are using this word. Another is Filipinos are known to be "Crab Mentality". It is based on the crabs that you can see in one basket that when one crab is getting higher, another crab will pull it down to get ahead. In simple explanation, Filipinos sometimes bring other people down to have a better living. Other mentality is Filipinos like imported products instead of their own  product. And the most popular mentality is the word "Utang na Loob " or sense of gratitude. When other people did some favor to you , you must to bring that favor back to them. The bad thing is that favor is hard to return sometimes it can be a lifetime. But at the end Filipinos are still unique and unselfish people.

Filipino Ways of Living

Many people are wondering how the Filipinos can easily survive even in other countries. Filipinos wherever they will be can be able to survive with or without family. Their being creative make their survival easily  because they can always improvise something to use in any cases. Filipinos even in times of problem can still smile and face the problem with courage. In every part of the world, Filipinos can be known as hardworking, patience and understanding people. When it comes to food they are also very economical and always willing to share and help as long as they can. Filipinos are also good in learning different languages and even impersonating. They are very talented and friendly people. Many Filipinos are getting married with foreigners or people from other countries because of their being flexible to adopt in different kinds of people and environment. They can also be successful very easy in their own ways which is called "Filipino Ways". 

Filipino Family

Filipinos are family centered in the way that they valued the quotes, "Blood is thicker than Water". Sometimes even they have their own family, they are still living with their parents and even grandparents. It can have advantage and disadvantage as well but for Filipinos as long as they can survive and they are happy they still do this kind of living. The advantage is each family member can contribute help and the family bond can be maintained but the disadvantage is a big family is hard to have. Big family means big needs as well. Some of them can survive because each member is responsible to help for the survival of the family. Some of them is not so lucky because they have irresponsible member that make the survival difficult for the family. Every family has their own way of survival but the most important is they are happy to what they have.

Filipino Celebrations

Filipinos are very hospitable people especially during different celebrations. They are preparing all the special foods and things for the visitors. They are doing their best to make them comfortable and even make them feel they are in their own houses. They have special Materials, Furniture and Figurines which you can only see during celebration that in normal days you can never touch. In some celebration such as wedding, birthdays and even death anniversary, friend and even unknown people are allowed to come with or without invitation because Filipinos like to eat when foods are for free. Some of them are not only eating but they also have their own food take outs which they can eat for many days. Many Filipinos are very economical and helpful.

Filipino Tourist Attraction

It's more fun in the Philippines, the highlight which is now being used to attract tourist in the Philippines. Many tourists are now spending their summer vacation in the Philippines because for affordable price you will enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the country. Filipino people are also known to be hospitable so foreigners have nothing to worry during their vacations. Philippines is made up of 7, 701 islands which you can have many choices where you can spend your vacation. Chocolate hills, Mayon Volcano, Ifugao Rice Terraces are some of the most visited places you can be found in the Philippines. Various kinds of food can be also found in each places that will really satisfy your appetite even though you are not Filipino.

Various Superstitious of Filipinos

Filipinos have many superstitious beliefs. Most of them them are from different countries such as China, India, Malaysia and more. Some of those beliefs are still being followed and valued by the old people especially those from countrysides. Many of those beliefs are being followed to bring good lucks or avoid bad lucks. Filipinos have many superstitious beliefs about wedding and burials. One of their beliefs about wedding is the Bride should not try to wear the Bridal gown before wedding or unless the wedding will be ruined. Couple before to get married should not go out so often because some people believe that they are prone to danger before the wedding. Siblings should not marry at the same year because it will bring bad luck which they called "SUKOB ". Like marriage, Filipinos have also their superstitious beliefs about burials. Usually, relatives of the dead person put money in his or her hand and put the shoes inside the coffin because they believe that person after death will have a new travel, therefore he or she needs some means for travel. Filipino Catholics have more beliefs than other which are based also in superstitious beliefs that until now are being followed.

Filipino Christmas Tradition

Filipinos are known in their different kinds of tradition. Some of their traditions are being followed since Spanish Colonial period until now. Some of the traditions are also based in their religious beliefs before, during and after Christmas. Filipinos are very religious so church is a part of their traditions before Christmas. Filipino Catholics go to the church every 3 o'clock in the morning , nine days before Christmas. Usually, the mass will start on 16 of December until 24 of December. The night before Christmas, Filipino will have their "Noche Buena ", which serves as also family gathering. That tradition is being followed for many years and a part of that tradition is the food that you can buy right after every  mass. Puto bungbong and Bibingka for instance, are  the most popular food that Filipino really like during Christmas Season. They are eating them together with the hot tea. They are eating them with coconut and brown sugar which can make Puto bungbong and Bibingka really tasty. 

the jeepney

Philippines is one of the most visited countries in the whole world because of the amazing tourist spots you can find there. Tourists are coming to the Philippines to experience the different cultures, tradition etc. There you can find also the different kinds of way the people which the people use to travel depends upon the distance. One of the most popular is " Jeep ".  Filipinos who are known as commuters use jeep to travel for a short distance and some complicated cases. When you will ride in the jeep, use will experience many unforgettable things which are parts of the Filipino cultures. Some jeeps are usually for 9 to 10 persons but the driver has his own way to make it more than its limit. When he starts to drive, he will use the break hardly therefore, passengers will be compressed and other people will have space after that. Many people said that you should not sit near the driver if you don't want to have extra job which is receiving the payment of others passenger. It is really funny how to ride in the jeep and you will for sure see different kinds of people.